Deauxma Wild In The Shower

Last Updated: February 6th, 2017
Another fresh week and time for everyone to check out this busty and hot MILF named Deauxma as she gets to have some more fun. If you’ve been here long enough, you know what she’s all about. But if you’re just joining us, then all you need to know is that this MILF right here is going to become your dream babe quite quick and make her way into every fantasy you have! Anyway, she has another juicy scene to show off to everyone and it’s sizzling hot to be sure. Let’s watch the sexy and hot mature Deauxma as she gets to take her time to play in the shower and you can see her teasing you throughout the whole scene today too!

As soon as the camera begins to roll, the babe enters the said shower and just before that you can see her remove her robe. You can see her fully naked body straight away and you can bet that things are only going to get better from here on out. Take your time to see this chick as she gets all nice and wet, with the warm water running all over her body and granting you some superbly hot views of the whole thing. Anyway, watch her touching herself all over sensually for you as she soaps up and then rinses and enjoy the whole thing. have your time with it and do take the time to check out some of the past scenes that she has here too for more! Oh and she does have quite the help with the whole thing too!


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Deauxma Wet Jeans

Hi there guys and gals. She’s back. And as always, she’s back with juicy stuff to show. Miss Deauxma comes back this week with a whole new collection of her getting kinky and wild on camera and she does it just for you. Some time ago you have gotten to see the busty MILF getting all wet in the pool with her clothes still on. Well she wanted to recreate that one but pose some more so you can enjoy more. So that is why, in today’s scene, lovely miss Deuxma gets to get all wet one more time for you and tease you throughout the whole scene today. Let’s just get to watch her in action without any more delays today shall we?

deauxma-wet-jeans As the cameras start to roll the babe makes her entry. And just like back then, wearing the same white shirt, with the same denim jeans. Only that this time she had her sunglasses and cowboy hat on. Anyway, see her slowly getting into the water and watch that shirt getting wet. You get a nice view of her big juicy tits through it and she does lift it up as well so that you can see them better. And those wet jeans need to come off as well, and in the process she offers you great peeks at her cute round ass and pink pussy. It’s another stunningly hot scene with the MILF today and we know you’ll love it. See you all soon with another new collection!

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Toy Shopping

Well, the title says it all for this week’s scene featuring your favorite MILF, miss Deauxma. As you will see in the preview for the scene, the babe managed to get herself a new toy and it’s nice, big and black too. So it would do perfectly for her to thoroughly play with her pussy every now and then. Either way, the babe got early today and went straight to the mall. There she went to the sex shop and she had quite some fun browsing around there too. Well it figures she’d have a good time anyway. So let’s get the cameras rolling and get her show on the road as we bet you want to see the busty babe put that toy to the test today don’t you?

As soon as the scene begins, you can see that the babe chose her back yard once more to play in. Deauxma says that she always feel comfy back there and she can have fun in private without anyone disturbing her. She also didn’t really bother to change from her sexy outfit that she went shopping with, so she just removes the skirt and pulls those red panties aside to show off her pussy. See her as she gets to tease herself a bit and then she slides that massive dildo straight into her wet and eager cunt as well. Take your time to watch her fuck herself with the toy fast and hard and see you next week again with some new scenes too!


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Tiny Bikini

Well, if it’s one thing that you know Deauxma for, is the fact that she just adores to show off her lingerie when she gets some new sets in. And this day is such a day. She ordered a white mesh bikini off the internet some time ago and it finally arrived for her in the mail today. So there was no way that today you’d see anything else besides her getting to try it on as she poses around the back yard of her place today. Let’s get to watch as the lovely and horny Deuxma gets all horny and kinky again and you can watch her having some good times parading her lovely body on camera for you all again without any more delay too. So let’s get started.

deauxma-tiny-bikini You get to take a good long look at her once again as she gets to be kinky and to be honest she looks quite incredible with her new white bikini when she comes into the scene. As you can probably guess, it doesn’t take her long to start undressing and remove it either, so first order of business is to check her out as she gets to play with and fondle her big round breasts. Then, she gets around to pull the panties aside and you get to see that pussy exposed as well. So just take your time to see her showing off her delicious body for you and do come back soon for some more all new and fresh updates just like always. We’ll be there to greet you!

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Deauxma Threesome

It’s that time of the week again and you know what that means. It’s time to get to see the hot Deauxma in more juicy action with her fuck buddies and this week she and her friend went down and picked up another lucky stud to play with. Well, you’ve seen scenes with her and other babes in the past as they got to double team lucky studs on So here’s another one featuring the hottie getting busy with two more people. It’s as hot as all the rest, as watching the hot Deuxma in action and fucking hard never gets old to be honest. So let’s just get this going as we know that you want to check it out as well and let’s see the two ladies enjoying this fuck!

Well, rest assured that the guy enjoyed the fuck session as well, it’s just that he was there to make sure that these two lovely babes are pleased and satisfied. So watch it all start with the two babes kissing one another with the guy’s cock un between them too. See the two busty beauties putting those luscious lips to work to suck him off too and making sure that he is nice and hard for their pussies later too. And then you can watch our lovely and very horny pair as they get to take their turns to ride his massive thick cock. Take your time with the hard style fuck session that the two babes have with the guy and enjoy the experience as always!


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Deauxma Strapon Fuck

Another fresh week and time to see the lovely Deauxma in some more juicy and kinky scenes. We get to watch the MILF getting to play just they way you love seeing her play every time. And of course she has the aid of another buddy this week once more. It’s the same busty blonde chick that you got to see some time ago and this time toys are involved as well. So let’s get this show going and let’s watch a truly sexy gallery of the two babes fucking each other with some nice and big toys for the whole duration of this Deauxma videos update. We bet that you guys and gals are all eager to see the action that goes down today as well with them.

deauxma-strapon-fuck PRetty much as soon as the scene starts off, the two women seem all ready and prepared to get kinky with one another. So sit back and watch them doing the whole foreplay thing where they undress one another and tease each other’s sexy bodies. Well the blonde whips out that aforementioned big toy and the lusty mature is eager to take it in her pussy when she sees it. So let’s get to watch the sexy D as she bends over and eagerly waits for that strap on dildo to plow her tight cunt and ass today. Watch her getting fucked hard style throughout the scene and have fun. As always, we’ll be back next week with more of her juicy scenes too!

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Sexy White Lingerie

well this week’s incredible scene has miss Deauxma having more of a show and tell type of deal going on. And we know you’ve seen her showing off her body in past solo scenes with just herself, but this one is a tad different as the babe has to show off her new acquisition for this afternoon’s scene. You see, she got herself a pretty hot and sexy new lingerie set and she very much wanted to show it off to you all without delay. So let’s sit back and relax as we get to have a look at her incredible body and that lingerie set in this week’s update that packs some neat Deauxma videos inside as well. Anyway, let’s get the cameras rolling without delay shall we?

Well as you can see, it’s all white and quite see through at certain points. It’s made so that you get a generous look at bits of her lovely body all over the place and get enticed and wondering if she will reveal more. Well as you know, Deauxma is a master teaser, and she has no qualms about showing off. Take your time to see this sexy set of kinky lingerie from every angle as she poses sexy and sensually for you all to check out. Of course, she gets to take it off as well as she can’t just let you leave without getting a look at her marvelous big round tits and superb sexy ass and pink pussy. See you next week with more of her glorious scenes!


Check out the hot MILF stripping off her white lingerie!

Peyton’s Place

Today, the lovely and always horny MILF Deauxma got to go visit a friend of hers. And she happens to be the same blonde that she got to have some fun with a few updates ago. Now this was just a visit, but you can bet that the blonde had other plans for our busty mature. She wasn’t going to let the babe go away without engaging in a bit of fun and you can bet that she knows how to tease the hot MILF into having some sex. Well, it doesn’t take much to get the babe in the mood to begin with, so let’s just enjoy the view of these superb Deauxma videos today as you get to watch another juicy and hot lesbian fuck session with the two.

deauxma-peyton's-place As the cameras begin to roll, the babes were just getting started with the naughty session. As we waid, rest assured that the blonde needed very little to goad the MILF into a lesbian fuck. So they go back to the bedroom and along the way they make quick work of one another’s clothes as well. Watch the hot MILF laying on the bed on her back and as she spreads her legs, the blonde starts to use her tongue on that wet pussy. See her moaning in pleasure as she has her pussy eaten out and enjoy the incredible view. We’ll return soon with a brand new update and more off the juicy matures’ sexual adventures just like usual!

Enjoy watching the hot  MILF getting her pussy eaten out!

Mr Maxxx Fuck

Hey there again everyone, it seems that the horny miss Deauxma had a special need today. And it was one of those specific ones that you can’t just fulfill willy-nilly. Today, the great looking busty MILF decided it was time for her to get some man meat of course, but not just any either. You see, she was kind of hoping to get herself a nice and big thick black cock plowing her for the afternoon, and she would get it by the end of her scene too. In comes to the rescue Mr. Maxxx, that has everything she needs and he’s ready to give her what she wants. Let’s watch the juicy MILF fucking the stud all afternoon long and getting all that nice black cock that she wants so badly!

Now of course, for the occasion, the hot miss Deuxma had to wear her extra special and extra sexy black lingerie set. And rest assured that it worked like a charm too. It got Max rock hard as soon as he lay eyes on her and the mature couldn’t be more happy. See her dropping to her knees to use her lips to please that thick meat of his and then see her giving him a titty fucking session as well. But the best part is by far the part where she gets to take a thorough pussy plowing from the guy all afternoon. Enjoy the view of the MILF getting fucked balls deep today and have fun with it as usual. We’ll return soon with a new gallery of the babe in action!


See the busty MILF getting her tits jizzed!

Deauxma Morning Dip

Hey there guys, welcome back to a new and hot Deauxma gallery this afternoon as always. The busty and hot mature is all ready to show off some more of her body for you this afternoon and of course it’s without delay too. The cutie just woke up and had her coffee but since it’s a weekend and it’s pretty hot outside, aaand she’s also alone, she decided to go to the back yard pool and have some naughty fun. So let’s kick back and relax as this week’s scene featuring the lovely and hot miss Deuxma has her skinny dipping in the pool for her scene. And like we said, it makes for quite some juicy entertainment to see her getting wild again.

deauxma-morning-dip As the cameras start to roll, you get to watch the mature lady coming out of the house wearing her sizzling hot bikini that makes her look all that much sexier. It’s pretty evident for her herself that she took it on for no reason practically, since she was still going to get nude pretty fast. So of course, she just takes it off. See her easing herself as she starts to go in the water too. Eventually she finds a nice and comfy spot to sit in and you can watch her spread her long legs for you as well. See her fingering that wet pussy fast and hard today and enjoy the scene. She’s going to be bringing you much much more next week if you’ll keep your eyes peeled.

Watch here the hot MILF finger fucking in the pool!

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