Men’s Room

Deauxma makes a return today with more new and hot scenes for you to see and of course, incredible as always. This scene has the mature babe and a buddy of hers going to a nice club downtown. And apart from having some good times themselves, they were in the mood to catch themselves a nice stud with a fat cock and have some fun with him for the afternoon. And sure enough they find what they’re looking for pretty quick. And of course, miss Deuxma and her buddy don’t even wait to get home. They just have fun with the guy then and there in the men’s room of the club. So that’s where the title comes in. Anyway, let’s watch the action.

It makes for some superb entertainment this afternoon to say the least as you get to see this hot pair of women flanking the guy and starting to play with him in every way they want as well. Watch as they drop to their knees and you can see them sucking his big fat cock to make sure it’s all rock hard and ready for their pussies. When that’s done, you can see the juicy MILF bending over and the guy starting to plow her hard. Watch her moan in pleasure as she gets fucked doggie style and in the meantime, you can see her tending to her buddy’s pussy as well with her expert tongue. Great scene as usual and let’s hope there will be more soon!


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Locker Room

Another fresh week and as promised, a new and hot update with the hot and sizzling Deauxma is here for you all to check out today. The gallery has the busty beauty engaging in some more lesbian fun just like always. As you know, her site is the best place to drop by and visit if you want to see a juicy mature letting lose and going wild with other like minded babes and guys that just adore to fuck. So every scene is filled to the brim with the hot Deuxma having sexual fun in front of the cameras. Anyway, let’s get to sit back and enjoy the show with her and another babe as they get to have some classy and hot lesbian sex sessions together today!


The two babes are actually at their local gym. They went there to have a nice workout and it seems they were just about done and ready to return back home when things got hot in the locker room. Thankfully it was just a small one for two persons and that would be perfect for them to play. They got super horny, so they weren’t going to wait to get back home. Just sit back and relax as you get to watch the busty babes having a go at each other’s cunts. You get to see lots of oral sex with them today as they get to show off. So enjoy and have fun and do check out some of the past scenes as well for even more of this hot mature and company having some fun times!

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Deauxma Lesbian Fun

Hey there guys and gals. welcome to more all new and all fresh Deauxma updates with the one and only lovely mature babe with the same name! It seems that lately, the busty mature has gotten really busy with female buddies of hers and they had tons of fun with one another. Well she wants you to meet another babe that she gets to play with for the afternoon and the resulting scene is just as amazing as always. Let the cameras roll and let’s watch our two busty ladies getting to have some classy fun, with Deuxma enjoying herself quite a lot with the company she has with her today. We promise you won’t be disappointed with it!

The two ladies get to meet up and hug at the door, but the setting for their fun is just the living room. Mostly because our golden haired babe here was just too horny to wait any longer. So with that, you get to see the two ladies starting to kiss passionately and caress one another’s incredible bodies. Watch as they get to tease each other’s pussies and eventually you get to watch them tribbing while they fondle their big tits and moan loudly in pleasure. It’s a great scene to check out so make sure you watch each and every image in the whole gallery everyone! Bye bye for now and do come back around for another scene next week featuring more of the juicy mature getting naughty!


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Lesbian Affairs

It’s a brand new week and it comes of course with a brand new update featuring the one and only Deauxma in some more juicy hot action as usual. You’ve been ere long enough so you know how the MILF likes to party pretty well. She had another female fuck buddy over for the afternoon and rest assured that it wasn’t just for enjoying some coffee and the sun in the back yard. They did that too, but they met up this afternoon specifically to fuck first and foremost as they were both horny and miss Deuxma always has the best settings for getting wild and kinky too. Anyway, let’s check them out in action and see some delicious scenes with them!

deauxma-lesbian-affairs The babes were all set and dressed up in their bikinis and all ready to play. Watch them getting in the Jacuzzi together and once there the real fun begins. See them teasing each other and as our lovely mature gets on the edge of the tub, you can see her buddy is utterly infatuated with her big boobs. See the blonde sucking on them while she fingers the porn star and enjoy watching he MILF moan in pleasure. They both got to please one another for a nice and long while for the whole duration of the shoot and it was just amazing. Check it out and enjoy the glorious view of them banging for the whole scene today without any more delays! Bye bye for now!

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Deauxma In The Woods

Well here we are yet again. And with more off the lovely Deauxma as always. Some more company is with her today and you know what that means. She was going to get to have some sexual fun for the afternoon. Again it’s one of her lady friends and you are about to see this gorgeous mature have another sizzling hot and sexy lesbian fuck for today’s sexy scene. This one takes place outdoors as well, because the babes went for a walk, but it seems that they kind of got horny and they just had to do something about it without delay! Anyway, let’s not beat around the proverbial bush and let’s just get the cameras rolling to see the babes in action.

After their neat little walk around this forested area, they eventually come to a stop on a big log. Take your time to see them starting to get touchy feely and you can see Deuxma and her friend sliding their hands in one another’s pants and panties as they French kiss. And also, you can be sure that they put that log they found to great use this afternoon in their little endeavor. So watch as the hot and busty MILF is the first to spread her legs and you can see her letting her buddy eat out that eager and wet pussy this afternoon. Take your time to enjoy this hot and sexy lesbian fuck and do come back next week for a new and hot update. Bye bye!


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Hot White Dress

Another fresh week and time for a new and hot update featuring the hot and sexy mature Deauxma to be showed off to you all. As you know, the MILF is always ready to get kinky and naughty for the cameras and you and there’s nothing stopping her from showing off her goods to you all today as well. She once again went for an outdoor shooting as you can see and she was all ready and eager to play too. Check out her scene this afternoon as she poses kinky beside some old buildings and enjoy more of the classy and juicy Deuxma playing for your viewing pleasure as always. Let’s just get the show going and see the action without delay!


For today’s shoot, the busty MILF decided to wear a nice and sexy skin tight white dress that sure made her look even hotter than usual. So let’s take the time to see her revealing her big round tits to you all and lift up the skirt so that you may see her sweet punk pussy too. Take your time to see her parading her amazing body around all afternoon today and enjoy the show. She wants to make sure that you get to see her pose sensual and sexy from every angle so that’s what you get to watch in each and every single image of her glorious update for the afternoon. So let’s just get the show going and let’s watch her play shall we guys and gals?

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Hot Blondes

Well this week’s update is another impressive one to say the least. It seems that our hottie Deauxma, the hottest MILF around, is eager to get to play some more. So today she gets to have over some female buddies, just as hot and horny as her. So you can pretty much guess where this all went. They knew why they met up today as it wasn’t just to have some coffee and drinks together as they catch up. They were going to fuck today in a superb lesbian threesome and you;d get the privilege to get to see it all unfold for this week. So let’s get the show on the road and see this threesome get underway without delay today shall we?

Take your time to see them starting to play on that big and comfy purple couch and you can see the babes starting to undress one another. Watch them end up in smoking hot lingerie too and when they fly off as well, see a perfect row of thee sets of all round perfect tits. Then the panties come off, and those pussies seem eager and ready to go. Sit back and watch them licking one another’s wet cunts and see them fingering each other too. With all the pleasing they get to do on one another they end up having orgasms too as they know how to make each other quirt too. So enjoy this lesbian fuck and see you all next week with a new scene.


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Deauxma Hardcore Threesome

Today’s fresh and smoking hot scene has the lovely miss Deauxma in some more action. And just like last week, it’s another juicy threesome, but the difference is, that today the babe gets to be double teamed by guys instead. So this threesome has two studs with nice and big fat cocks taking care of her holes today and rest assured that they do an amazing job of it as well. Take your time to check out this babe getting double fucked for your viewing pleasure today and you can bet that you guys get front row seats to the whole scene that she has going for today. We can guarantee that the show is going to be quite amazing and juicy as well.

deauxma-hardcore-threesome The babe and the guys go to her room. And once inside, check out the babe as she gets on her knees and starts to suck them off. She wants them as hard as possible for her sweet cunt and you can see her putting her juicy lips to work. Then as one guys starts to eat her out and get her super wet, she keeps on sucking the other dude off. And of course, after all that foreplay, take your time to see the babe getting fucked in turns and even double penetrated by the huge cocks today. It’s truly a great show and we’re sure that you will enjoy it. More will be here for you to see next week so do come back then and check out the brand new scene too!

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Group Sex

Hey there again everyone and welcome to one more off miss Deauxma ‘s sexual adventures. The naughty and nasty MILF has another scene with a babe and this time they both get to share one cock for the afternoon. It still makes for a great show and rest assured that there’s plenty to see in this gallery with the two of them and the guy. It’s one of the hottest threesomes that she has done so far and there’s no way you can skip out on this one today. Sit back and watch as the busty MILF gets busy along side her friend and watch the two of them getting to be slutty with the guy receiving quite the pleasurable time today. So let the cameras roll!

As the scene starts off, the two babes get to share that cock straight away and you get to see the guy receiving a truly incredible double blowjob as they both get to wrap their lips around his meat and make sure that it’s nice and hard for the next part. Once ready, you can see the babes take their turns to have his fat cock going balls deep in their pussies and asses as they tease one another. What resulted from all this is a simply incredible threesome fuck fest with the lovely women fucking the guy in every naughty way possible. So take your time to enjoy it fully and like always, drop by next week for a new and fresh scene as well. Bye!


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Gone Fishing

Hey there guys, it’s that time again and you know what that means. We get to watch hot miss Deauxma in some more new and juicy scenes getting naughty and kinky for you and the scenes are as hot and sizzling as always. This week, the busty mature wanted to show off that she can do fishing as well. But … Well you know that this wasn’t going to end with her coming back with a big catch anyway. She’s just too horny today to focus on anything else, so since it was also pretty hot, you’ll see her getting some sunbathing in as well. Anyway, let’s get that show going and see her in some lovely action without delay shall we? we know you want to.

deauxma-gone-fishing This scene has some sweet looking Deauxma videos inside so make sure that you don’t miss those either. Anyway, getting back to this lovely and hot gallery with the juicy MILF, you get to see her in the fisherman’s outfit as soon as the cameras roll and she seems to already be swinging her pole around. Naturally, you can tell that she only has the overalls and boots on. And pretty much nothing else. See her removing those quick eventually as she takes her spot on the little dock area and you can see her laying on her back. Take your time to admire that perfectly sexy body of hers all nude today as well and do come back again soon for more! See you again then with more of her and she’s going to have some special scenes for you to see soon!

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